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It's National Sweater Day; Here's Why You Should Put One On

The sample batches were 150 pounds, and some had to be dyed a couple of times. After the dyed sample batches were approved by Ralph Lauren, then the colors were dyed in at least 450-pound batches that were then sent back to us to process and spin. We made the first finished yarn shipment in May 2013 to Ball of Cotton in California where the sweaters were knitted on knitting machines. 100 percent U.S. domestic wool The McDermotts had no problem satisfying Ralph Laurens requirement that the yarn be 100 percent domestic wool from the U.S. To make their Shepherds Wool yarn, they routinely buy from a wool pool at Burlington jaket korea bandung Industries in North Carolina, which sources from sheep all over the U.S. A Michigan non-athlete may be showing his Olympics spirit in a sweater, as Deb and Chuck visited the offices of Gov. Rick Snyder in Lansing in December 2013 and presented him with his own Team USA Closing Ceremony Olympics sweater.

O Terrible Hijacker Arrested Wearing Canadiens Sweater On Friday, a Ukrainian man allegedly tried to hijack a plane headed for Turkey and redirect it to Sochi in hopes of securing the release of anti-government protesters imprisoned in his country. His attempt was foiled and, for some reason, he was wearing a Montreal Canadiens sweater when he was arrested. He also may have been drunk and/or high. He may not have totally thought this one through. Ukraine is in the middle widespread civil unrest in part due to its relationship with Russia.

I repeat: the so-soft cashmere that is now touching your very skin may have once been worn by a rat. Again: You might be wearing a rats old coat. Italian police seized over a million fake cashmere garments made at Chinese-run firms in Rome and distributed in Florence that were found to contain acrylic, viscose, and oh, some rat fur. An Italian court cautioned 14 Chinese-born people for fraud, which seems like a slap on the wrist considering that some of the rat-fur cashmere was used to make pashminas that touched peoples faces. So you should burn that pashmina that your aunt bought you in Florence that she swears is real Italian.

Too cute: Reese looks adorable in her hot-pink sweater with polka-dot shirt underneath Carrying a navy blue handbag, the acclaimed performer looked petite and casual for her gastronomic grouping. There, she dined at the Tavern Restaurant, which is is the third restaurant from the chef and sommelier team of Suzanne Goin. A regular haunt of Hollywood's cool crowd, other celebrities to have dined there include Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale and Jared Leto. Perfect match: Reese's outfit was perfectly combined for a perfect Los Angeles lunch look The Good Lie actress Reese Witherspoon out for lunch at the Tavern Restaurant in Brentwood, Hollywood The Oscar winner showed off her petite frame in the figure-hugging jeans. Reese, who is married to CAA agent Jim Toth and is a hands-on mother to three children, Ava, 15, Deacon, ten, and Tennessee, one - has been quite busy of late. She will next be seen in the true to life adventure Wild, a film based on the memoir by Strayed.

Why? Here's a roundup of our stories about sweaters. Putting on a sweater should be part of everybody's energy saving strategy. There is real science behind it: Insulating Your Body Is Cheaper And More Effective Than Insulating Your Home Jimmy Carter was right; when it is cold, the first thing you should do is put on a sweater.

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